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Dog with toy in mouth

Board & Train Package

If you lack the patience to deal with your dog, or lead a very busy life, then the Board & Train Package is for you.

Your dog will stay with me, in my home, and be trained by me. I set boundaries and behaviors that YOU want for YOUR dog at YOUR home. After a face to face consultation, a detailed training plan with goals will be developed and reviewed/approved by you. Your dog is trained to a standard agreed upon PRIOR to the board and train. 

This may take 3 weeks or it may take 4 weeks. I train to a standard not a time frame. Some dogs need more time to learn certain behaviors. Of course, there is no extra charge if it takes a little longer to get your dog to the standard agreed upon. 

Your dog will successfully master
walking on leash.png

Walk nicely on a leash

"Come" on command


"Sit" on Command


"Down" on command


"Place" on command


All commands under high-distraction environment

& much, much more

And will learn to stop

Chasing animals / cars / things

Guarding food, toys, space, & people


Stealing food/counter surfing


Jumping on furniture


Jumping on Children & Guests




Eliminate destructive behavior


Develop confidence in new environments


Stop/reduce panting, drooling and nervous anxious behaviors


Stop/reduce excitable and submissive urination


Growling, Snapping and Biting behaviors

and much, much more

Included in your program

Personal pick-up and delivery of your dog before and at completion of training.

Daily updates on your dog during the training program,


"Take Home" lesson upon me delivering your dog back to your home at the end of the board and train,


Several printed and video reference materials,


A place board,

A 20 foot training leash, and


A Garmin Delta Sport e collar.


A LIFETIME of free email, video, and phone support from me, the Space Coast Dog Trainer.

Image by Reed  Shepherd

Watch photo & video updates throughout your dog's training on my Facebook page

Image by Artem Beliaikin
This program is available to everyone in the State of Florida. 
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