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Trust in your dog's behavior around family, friends, and public spaces, is paramount to a healthy, happy, and loving relationship. 

Certified & Accredited. 


From training therapy dogs to your dog - I have modified, improved, and even transformed the relationship between pet and pet-owner.


Paws & Stripes. Victim Therapy Dog Trainer

I was privileged to oversee the operations of the Paws and Stripes College for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office form 2016 into 2020. The Paws and Stripes College is a program within the Sheriff’s Office that utilizes dogs from the local no kill animal shelter and trains them to become Comfort Dogs or Certified Therapy Dogs. The rescue dogs selected for the Therapy Dog training went thru 12 weeks of training at the college. The dogs were then paired with a handler from a Law Enforcement agency. The new handler and dog would attend 40 hours of Law Enforcement Therapy Dog training that we presented at the college. The dog would then be utilized to be a Law Enforcement Therapy K9 to comfort victims of crime during interviews or the giving court testimony.

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Award Winning 

"The 'Paws and Stripes' Program was recognized because of their amazing vision to use inmates to train rescue dogs that will no doubt impact thousands of child victim’s lives across the country,"


Dog training isn't just a job, it's about improving the lives of pets and their owners.

I am a Certified Dog Trainer through the Animal Behavior College and Canine First Aid/CPR certified. I also have successfully completed two courses of training at the International School for Dog Trainers. The first course was the Basic E touch electronic collar course. The second was the Advanced Obedience and E Touch Course. These courses were instructed by Martin Deeley ( and James Hamm ( Two of the top ten trainers in the United States.

I constantly research and attend training seminars to ensure I stay on the cutting edge of dog training. For example, being an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) allows me to have constant opportunities to work with some of the best trainers in the world. This membership also allows me to attend the IACP's Annual Conference where the top behaviorist, trainers, and canine health professionals gather to share the latest trends in dog training methods, behavior, and care.


Improving your dog's behavior is not only a convenience, it can be the difference between problematic situations with an unwanted pet, and a fun, loving, loyal relationship. It's never too late to bring out the best in your dog


(it may also bring out the best in you, too) 
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