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Using my years of experience to train your dog to live in your home!

As a retired law enforcement therapy dog trainer, I turn dogs from all behavioral backgrounds into calm, loving, well-mannered family members.


My name is Ken Lampp, the Space Coast Dog Trainer.

I understand the unique and diverse dispositions and temperament of dogs and go the extra mile to train your dog based upon

  • His/her individual character,

  • Drives,

  • Motivations,

  • What excites/calms your dog,

I use the answers to these questions and others to create a custom training plan to meet the goals you have for your dog.

I have extensive training, with every breed and every size, from your 3 pound Yorkie, to your 150 pound Bull Mastiff.

I have a very diverse dog training history. I utilize the Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) methodology of dog training. Being experienced in positive reward based training, marker training, pressure/release training and advanced electronic collar (e-collar) training, I can train your dog to a high level of behavior with minimal stress to your pet.

My Comprehensive Programs

Image by Tadeusz Lakota

Have your dog stay with me, in my home, and be trained by me. I set boundaries and behaviors that YOU want for YOUR dog at YOUR home...

Board & Train

Most Popular

Image by Savannah Smith

This package includes obedience to help your dog learn the basics in pet-owner and pet communication...

Basic Obedience Training 


I will give your dog advanced off-leash training, including training in high-distraction environments...

Advanced off-leash Training

Image by Anna Dudkova

I will work on any unwanted behavior you are currently experiencing with your dog in the privacy of your own home...

Private In-Home Lessons

Dogs are unique, just like people. Every dog needs a different approach to learning new skills and behaviors...I train with the methods that work best for your dog.

Notes from Happy Families

Husky trained by Space Coast Dog Trainer

Haley, Florida

We are so so happy we did the board and train for our Husky, Sable!! Ken took Sable when she was 5 months old. She was with Ken and his family for 3.5 weeks. He sent us videos of the things they were working on while he had her and when he brought her back, showed us the way to use the e collar and how to communicate with her just as he was when she lived with him. We really wanted our husky to have a good recall and be able to do off leash walking for hiking. We are continuing to work with her just the way Ken was and she is doing so well! It makes my relationship with my husky so much better knowing I can trust her. Thank you Ken! Recommend his services to everyone!

Image by Tadeusz Lakota
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Contact us today for a free consultation

Or you can call 321-208-0193.  


Where I serve


Board & Train Package

For the Board & Train package, I serve the entire Florida state! I will pick up & deliver your dog as part of the package. 

The other packages are served on the Space Coast and the immediate surrounding areas. 

Where I serve

Now a little about your dog

Please note that the ‘Set’em Up For Success Package’ and the ‘Let’s Go Package’ requires the owner to practice with the dog >2 times, each day, between weekly lessons

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